Iron Broo’s Pizza Sessions Videos.

It was the first of May 2017.  I had not long finished building the Pizza Oven. A dream on my bucket list. It’s an authentic Pompeii design built from bricks and mortar.  It cooks amazing food and not just pizza.  It was decided we’d have a wee party to celebrate the anniversary of the Liberation of Italy, a few days earlier and the completion of the oven works.  While the oven was getting up to temperature we decided to have a wee tune…

​You can see the videos on our ceilidh clips page.
We are based in Aberdeen, Scotland.  It might look like we are in Italy but it was pretty cold when we filmed these. It was supposed to be spring but it was only 8c.  Luckily the oven put out enough heat to keep us warm and stop the fingers freezing up completely.
 We tried an improv version of a tune i wrote that i thought came out pretty well. here it is..  See the others in the above link.

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