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Ceilidh Band Iron Broo have played their ceilidh’s and concerts of tunes and songs of a traditional Scottish blend with world music influences far and wide both at home and abroad for wedding entertainment, parties, and special events. They have often been seen at well-known festivals such as “T in the Park” (8 times), “The Glassel Gig” and many a folk festival, the “Broo” has played many sell out ceilidhs at the Aberdeen Music Hall and have established themselves as a favourite band for many a Bride and Groom at a Scottish wedding. As a result, they are in big demand to play ceilidhs throughout Scotland. Recent gigs have even taken them to Norway, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Latvia.

“Iron Broo played at our wedding in July 2017 with 3 piece band and disco. They made the night, we’d highly recommend them! My wife and I loved them, and we still get great feedback from guests. Iron Broo are everything you want in a traditional Scottish ceilidh band but also with some unique twists to make them memorable (their Orcadian Strip the Willow is awesome!). Going to their Xmas Ceilidh and can’t wait to dance to their tune again. Many thanks Iron Broo :).
Cameron Leel – 19 November 2017


Iron Broo Ceilidh Duo
Iron Broo Duo
The Dark Island
Ceilidh Fun Medley

Iron Broo Duo – Ideal 2 piece ceilidh combo

I’m Charlie Abel,

Charlie Abel ceilidh master

I’m an accordionist and founder of the Iron Broo Ceilidh Band based in Aberdeen. We are highly experienced and have over 20 years of Scottish and Irish dance music behind us, and our band performs regularly as one of the top traditional Scottish Ceilidh Bands based in Aberdeenshire, the North East of Scotland. We have played well over a thousand weddings, birthday parties and student and corporate events since 1992. We’ve taken our toe-tapping music and travelled around Europe and other continents while our band performs playing for concerts, weddings and festivals.

Music & Song are our ceilidh passion.

Traditional music is our passion and weddings have been our bread and butter for more than 2 decades. No Scottish Wedding would be complete without a ceilidh. A ceilidh (pronounced  Kay-lay) is the traditional way to celebrate a family gathering or event in Scotland and it’s one of the best ways to make a wedding memorable. People will talk about our ceilidhs for years to come. We call all the dances! So ignorance is no excuse for people not to join in and it can be a great way to mix a crowd and break the ice between strangers and new families at weddings. A ceilidh band wedding is recognised as one of the best ways to make the evening reception memorable.
For a top quality wedding band and a night to remember there really is no better way to get your wedding reception guests talking and give them a night to remember with jigs, reels, Scottish dances and a good old strip the willow. ​

‘..they were utterly brilliant!’ 

J. Pittman, 19th February 2018.

Scottish Wedding Entertainment in Aberdeen

Iron Broo, are a ceilidh band based in Aberdeen and have been raised in the ceilidh dance tradition. Members of Iron Broo have lived and traveled all around Scotland and around the world, playing their music in Australia, Ireland, all over Europe, South America, the U.S.A., and even Japan.
We offer dance calling, sound, lighting package, disco option, and we can tailor the band to the venue and budget. We have our own Public Liability Insurance policy in place, and all our gear is PAT tested to meet the requirements of public performing stages. If you are looking for wedding entertainment in Aberdeen, you have come to the place.

A special tune for the special day? Our tune writing service delivers.

We also offer a bespoke tune writing (composition) service where we can write a tune for your special occasion or person, record it to video and audio, provide the sheet music PDF to print out and frame as you see fit. Be sure to see some video examples of our original music.

Visit our ceilidh clips pages for video and audio.

If you want to learn more about our band we have audio and video clips and details of our upcoming performances and an ever growing content of ceilidh information throughout this website. All across Scotland there are many local ceilidh bands and if you are looking for an Aberdeen ceilidh band then you must give Iron Broo our very highly recommended consideration.  If you are further afield and can meet the travel costs we will consider travelling anywhere. We love to travel but we still have to make a living 🙂
Please do feel free to get in touch and I’ll be happy to hear from you.  I hope to see you at a ceilidh someday..!

Book a professional wedding ceilidh band with experience…

Lost choosing your band
Lost Choosing your Ceilidh Band?

It’s easy to get lost choosing your band for your wedding. Iron Broo are the ideal choice to make your ceilidh special.
With over twenty years of experience in wedding entertainment and packages to suit most budgets we can size our band and our P.A. to suit your venue.
It’s important you get the wedding band right for your special day. There’s no better way to make your Scottish wedding memorable than to have a great ceilidh.  Your guests will remember it for years to come.

We don’t know how to ceilidh dance?

No problem, it will add to the novelty of the evening. No experience is needed, we can talk to the guests through our dances quickly and very easily, be they from England, Ireland, USA or anywhere. We can make it work.

‘…an outstanding performance of ceilidh dances!’ Coleman & Daniela 9th December 2017

See the Ceilidh Clip page for more… The band can be sized to suit large or small venues and we offer an optional mobile Disco service.

Over a thousand successful wedding ceilidhs!

Scottish Weddings – Our speciality!

Iron Broo are an excellent choice for your Scottish wedding ceilidh night and never disappoint. We have played at over a thousand weddings since 1992 and have never stopped improving our performance.  Please have a look at our ceilidh reviews page and our guest book to see what folk say about our Ceilidhs. Most importantly please remember to listen to our Live Ceilidh Clips on our clip page to hear what we really sound like ‘Live’. There is a Site Map at the bottom of each page in case you get lost or miss something special.  

Our no fuss professional service.

We offer a professional and efficient service and always aim to leave our customers with a great night that will be remembered and talked about for years to come.
Get in touch now to discuss your ideal choice of wedding or event. Advance bookings recommended.

We are specialists in wedding and corporate event entertainment with a unique ceilidh twist, based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Distance no object and tailored band sizes to suit the venue, budget or occasion. From a solo accordionist band to six pieces with optional mobile disco. Our Ceilidh dance band performs Scottish traditional music, country dances mixed with some folky songs to turn your big day into the perfect wedding with our special blend of live music. From the Gay Gordons to the Orcadian Strip the Willow and the Dashing White Sergeant. We provide a dance caller, a unique ceilidh dance sound including folk music and we have sound and lighting covered. We offer a disco option along with the band and a bespoke tune composition service. Music is our passion.

Visit our wedding page for information on our special wedding packages.

Availability for Ceilidhs

If you wish to check our availability we have integrated, for your convenience our ceilidh calendar page where you can see our confirmed gigs. (only confirmed ones)  To enquire about making a booking you can contact us or fill in the online form on our bookings page

So, If you need to hire a ceilidh band for your event, our ceilidh music, songs and dance calling will make your vision come alive. With a reputation as one of the most popular bands in Aberdeen, an area steeped in traditional music and culture you can’t go wrong.

We have 4 pages of clips and videos under ceilidh clips heading.

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