Scottish Wedding Ceremonial Music

– Traditional Style –

Music adds a lot to every occasion.  It can change the atmosphere at any wedding ceremony and settle people much better than just silence.  If you are looking for some tasteful Traditional Scottish Music to have in the background during the afternoon wedding ceremony we can help.

We have some options and combinations for Scottish wedding ceremonial music for you to choose from. First of all we can be un-amplified or amplified depending on the occasion and the atmosphere you are trying to create. For example….

  • Amplified – Sets a more formal feel to the atmosphere. Feels more of a performance and is set on a stage. Everyone will hear the music.

  • Un amplified – Less formal and is suited to smaller venues or where you want the atmosphere to be less ‘ in your face ‘ more of a traditional music session feel as you would have in a traditional Scottish pub. The musicians are also free to mingle around while playing rather than being tied to amplifiers on a stage.  Less space taken up with no sound equipment needed. The music is not so loud but would be heard by most people in an average sized room. It creates a good atmosphere.
Acoustic Waltz for an example of wedding ceremonial or background reception Music

Traditional Scottish music is great for creating a feel good factor to the formality of the wedding.

 You can choose from many of our combinations.
Here are some examples for you to think about.

  • Solo Accordionist – Plays Scottish, Irish and Continental  (French/Italian) music

  • Solo Fiddler

  • Accordion Duo with Fiddle or Bouzouki

  • Accordion, Fiddle, Bouzouki and Banjo or Mandolin.

  • Any or all of the band you have booked for the evening.  

Choice of Music 

– For the ceremonial music we suggest playing more laid back tunes, choosing more slow and mid-paced flowing melodies rather than rip roaring elbow crunchers. We will sprinkle in a few drops of lightening dust here and there if it seems appropriate on the day. Intending to stay more in the background rather than ‘steal the show’. We will play it by ear. If any of your guests have requests we will consider them of course.

There are also some logistics to consider. We can offer discounted rates for the afternoon music if you are booking us for an evening performance rather than just the afternoon. 

Acoustic Accordion and Fiddle, The Dark Island.
Happy polka tune on accordion and fiddle.
Margaret’s Waltz Solo Accordion – Acoustic