Original Scottish Music

These tunes are original compositions.  Music written specially for people.  Where I can I make a video and upload to YouTube.   You can download the sheet music for free if you want to learn to play any. I’m happy for people to use the music for private use and if you play it in public or record it on a release – please remember to mention the composer of course. 

NOTE:  Our sheet music library has moved to a new site https://charlieabel.scot/sheet-music-library/

My Turriff Grandma

Dorothy Newlands of Lauriston, Baroness of Miltonhaven

Dr. Fritz Wendland

Dr. Fritz Wendland visits Scotland regularly. He is known for being one of the first Black Belts in karate in Germany and founded the World Karate Confederation (WKC). Fritz loves to visit Scotland, its music and culture.  

This tune was composed and dedicated to Ronnie Watt OBE ORS (9th dan) Ronnie is a well known Karate master from Aberdeen and an inspiration to many people around the world.