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Ceilidh Disco

If you require a ceilidh and disco, we can offer that along with our ceilidh band, Iron Broo have the answer in any line up. Our ‘Ceilidh Disco’ combination is extremely popular for weddings.

Brides and Grooms want to cover all bases. This is not always possible. Like many people they have a concern that there is a broad range of tastes. Some might not like the idea of a ceilidh dance too readily for whatever reason, (maybe they have a phobia for fun!). It’s a good idea, therefore, to add our disco option to your ceilidh. We can add our Disco option to any of our line-ups. If the ceilidh goes really well we can be flexible and continue with a ceilidh, it’s good to have it available as an option.

Disco playlists?

We can work with any playlist you want to provide, but we have found from experience it is better to remain flexible. Many brides have concerns over which tracks will be played at the wedding. We have a simple solution for this. If you provide a list of the records you’d like played in advance, artist and track, we can have it all prepared in advance using the latest technology. We can stick to your playlist, adding just requests from guests or play it by ear.

Sometimes we have been given track blacklists for individual songs from Brides and Grooms who hate to hear certain tracks. (I won’t comment on the specific songs. I love all music. Nearly.) It’s up to you! A mix of all three is recommended as not everyone will enjoy the same tastes in music. For example, the bride may love Heavy Metal music but the Granny most likely won’t! I would recommend leaving to the DJ to read the audience on the night, working from your list and what goes down well during the event.

Disco Lighting

Disco Lighting? We are often asked if we carry our own lighting with the Disco. We do. It’s included in the ceilidh disco Package. We have lighting available to suit most venues. Because some of our lights draw a lot of power, it may not be possible to use the traditional type lighting systems, but we also use the greener modern alternative, LED technology which draws much less power and is very useful in a darkened room.

Modern Eco-LED lighting

LED lighting can be used in almost any venue that has a power supply. In my humble opinion, the LED stuff works at it’s best in a dark room by itself as you can see the light flashes of coloured light better in the darkness. If you have too many power-hungry great bright lights on at the same time, they tend to ‘blot out’ the LED ceilidh disco effect. I like the LED most for the Disco, with some sound activated flashes of lights from 2 backstage colour changing floodlights and some laser beams. It’s the business. We don’t use Strobe lights or any bubble machines or pyrotechnics of any type for safety reasons.

Working with a different DJ

Whether you choose to hire both your Ceilidh and Disco from us or have your own favourite dedicated DJ you prefer to use we are happy to assist you in either case.
Performed by Charlie Abel, the squeeze-box man, our disco comes at a special discounted rate if you are hiring the band. Charlie is happy to be left to his own experienced ceilidh/disco judgement or can play any specific tracks or playlists you require or can make it up or follow your musical orders as needed. ‘I can mix any playlist you give me!’

Ceilidh & Disco format for Weddings

A typical Wedding Ceilidh and Disco package would run as follows. We remain very flexible and can play things as they happen on the night. Nothing has to be written in stone, but this is a formula we have found that works best in most cases.

  • 8pm Ceilidh Starts after meal and first dance. 

  • 9.45pm Buffet being served – DJ plays background music.

  • 10.30pm Ceilidh starts again.

  • 12.00am Ceilidh finishes  and DJ plays out the evening till 1am

We can fit the ceilidh and disco performance round any timings you might have, as not every wedding ceilidh night is the same. You may have other things planned during the ceilidh. We’ve seen people arrive in Helicopters, Grand Fireworks displays, Pipe bands and Chinese Lanterns being released into the sky.

‘If you have any special requests we will be happy to assist in any way we can!’

We aim to give you and your guests a great night that you will remember for years.

Flexibility – Add Our Ceilidh Disco Option to any ceilidh line up.

Our ceilidh disco option is available with any of our ceilidh band line-ups. From the solo one man ceilidh band upwards. The Iron Broo ceilidh duo and disco is a very good way to go if you are on a budget or unsure of the higher costs of a bigger band. Should you decide to add other band members later it may still be possible if we have enough notice.

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