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​Whether you’re Scottish to your core with a bloodline stretching back to William Wallace, or you’re new to Scottish culture, when it comes to planning your party or wedding, nothing is more enjoyable than a Ceilidh. There really is no better way to get your guests talking and laughing together and ensure that everybody has an outrageously good time than getting everyone on their feet for a few Reels or a Gay Gordons.  If you are searching for Wedding Musicians then our wedding ceilidh band packages will not disappoint.

Your partner and guests will thank you for booking Iron Broo when they deliver a great night. And if you book now you won’t have to be dragged all over the countryside auditioning bands every weekend for the next six months. You can read the reviews and see the clips on YouTube, and if you do want to go see them Live in advance, as professionals they are playing regularly, it will save you a lot of hassle meaning you can stay in on Saturday nights, cosy together watching Netflix and enjoying more of your precious time together!

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Book your Wedding Entertainment with Iron Broo

  • Dance calling included with every line up meaning everyone can join in ensuring a full dance floor and a great atmosphere.
  • A variety of live traditional music and song keeps the audience engaged, and a disco option means all musical tastes get the best of both worlds instead of a mediocre mix, keeping your party atmosphere alive and fluid.
  • Deal directly and easily with your entertainer means you communicate with the band and get a personal service.
  • Reliable and professional wedding musicians with excellent reputations, means they play well, behave well, sound good and can read the audience. Which means they can adapt as there’s no strict set list being followed.
  • Every booking confirmed in writing with a contract, so there are no hidden extras and you can be sure the band will turn up!
  • Pay by cash, card, PayPal, cheque, internet banking or the option to spread the cost by direct debit. Meaning you don’t have to worry about money or carry cash and risk losing it during the busiest day of your life, or burden the best man with a sporran full of dosh, standing next to the bar with his mates!
  • All equipment PAT tested & Public Liability Insurance in place as required by most venues. So there’s no last minute panic caused by a compliance demand by the venue on the day of performance.
  • 25 Years of experience of playing ceilidhs at weddings and events means you are in safe hands with a band that has​​ already overcome every obstacle that might hamper a brilliant atmosphere on your special day.

Wedding Entertainment options for your memorable wedding ceilidh

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Availability can be checked on our Google Ceilidh Calendar.

  • 1 man Ceilidh Band for small events
  • Two pieces Ceilidh Band (see our Duo page and listen for free)
  • Three Pieces Ceilidh Band
  • Four Pieces Ceilidh Band
  • Bespoke Ceilidh Band Packages 5,6 or more pieces.
  • Ceilidh Disco Packages can be added to any line-up.
  • Ceremonial Music with live acoustic locally sourced Scottish musicians.
  • Tune Writing Service – Personalised, recorded, printed to PDF and to audio or video format.
  • We can size our wedding ceilidh band to suit your venue, the number of guests and your wedding Ceilidh musician needs.

Iron Broo Ceilidh Duo

Iron Broo Ceilidh Duo
Iron Broo Duo

Extremely popular for small and medium sized venues or hotel function suites you have an ideal solution with a Duo.  This flexible ceilidh duo has a full sound and is very effective for an intimate setting. The dances are ‘called’ from the floor in a quick ‘dummy run’ with a radio microphone so no ceilidh dancing experience is needed. Flexibility of dances for all ages, from children to grandparents with the occasional slower paced ballroom dances  such as a Waltz, a Slow foxtrot, a Quickstep, a romantic song or ballad as well as driving sets of Reels, Jigs and kiddies dances.
Visit the Duo ceilidh page to see what a small wedding ceilidh band with a big sound can do for your wedding entertainment.

One Man Ceilidh Band

Ceilidh accordionist
Charlie Abel

For smaller venues and more intimate gatherings, book the one-man ceilidh band!

Combined with a disco or just ceilidh and the odd folk song.  Great for difficult to reach places and smaller budgets. Includes Dance Calling.

One Man ceilidh demo
iron broo ceilidh band at finzean
Iron Broo Ceilidh Band

accordion & fiddle wedding musicians
accordion & fiddle duo

Iron Broo Five Piece Ceilidh Band
Iron Broo Five Piece Ceilidh Band

3 Piece Ceilidh Band

3 piece Ceilidh For medium-sized venues such as Hotel function suites and village halls, we provide a Three-piece wedding ceilidh band. Calling all the dances from the floor with a Radio Microphone and doing all the usual Ceilidh dances and some lesser-known ones.

4 + Piece Ceilidh Band

For larger venues and bigger crowds of 100 plus we recommend our four pieces wedding ceilidh band. It does all of the above with a bigger sound.

If you really want a blow out full monty Ceilidh night and have a stage and a budget that can handle it, we can suit anything you want to go for in terms of band size. Get in touch with an idea of what you are looking for and we can come up with a bespoke package to suit your needs.

We love to make people happy!
If you want your function to be one people will talk about for years to come, book Iron Broo.’

Six Pieces Ceilidh Band

iron broo wedding ceilidh band
Iron Broo wedding ceilidh ceilidh band as a 6 pieces
Iron Broo ceilidh band 6 pieces.

Performance Times

 The most requested performance times we’d put on our contract for a wedding would be 8 pm till midnight with a break during the evening buffet. During the break time, you can connect an iPod player if you have some special music you’d like played while the wedding ceilidh band musicians tuck into your buffet ;-). Or you could take advantage of our disco option and not have to worry about choosing music for the breaks or afterwards.

The wedding can sometimes run late…

At some weddings with the best will in the world, it is impossible to have the timings run correctly due to a number of reasons. Speeches can go on too long; meals take a long time to serve, guests are slow to move etc. If you have the wedding ceilidh band booked for an 8 pm start and the meal runs over it can delay the start time for the band while a hotel still has to carry out a room turn around and the band may yet have to set up the equipment.  When this happens, it doesn’t mean that because the start time was an hour late, the wedding ceilidh band can play an hour longer. It is not possible to do this because of the terms of the hotel license and nearby residents. It is also not fair on the band who might have been waiting for you to be ready for hours!
In most cases, we’d recommend an afternoon set up if at all possible. However, we have adapted our sound system so that most of it has already been prewired so we can set up in record time during a turnaround. Usually, we are quicker than the hotel unless we have many miles of corridors and steep staircases to navigate. We’ll have your wedding ceilidh started as quickly as possible with no fuss.

Afternoon set up

Often it is possible to set up the P.A. and lighting etc in the afternoon if there is space in the hotel. This saves a little time in the evening. 

If you’d prefer all the gear set up in the afternoon please let us know as it does involve additional work and in some cases may involve some extra expense.

Wedding Ceilidh + Disco

We are happy to offer our very popular Ceilidh Disco combination to any of our wedding ceilidh band line ups. Please visit the Ceilidh Disco page for more information on how it works.

Afternoon ceremonial music

Ceremonial Music is an additional extra we can also provide, delivering tasteful background ceremonial music during the afternoon service or in the church. An accordion and fiddle duo perhaps or a three-piece with the Bouzouki. We can combine our wedding ceilidh band line up to suit your tastes. Visit our Traditional Scottish Ceremonial Music page. Our flexible wedding musicians are able to fit in with whatever you plan or don’t plan for.

A unique melody for your wedding or a loved one.

Tune Writing Service. We offer a Tune Writing Service. If you want to give your special someone a unique gift.
We can give you a handwritten copy of the tune, and a professional recording if needed.
You could even have the tune played at your wedding. Contact Charlie to discuss requirements and prices.

Join Patreon page Charlie Abel has a membership option to get a custom named tune written for you!

P. S.  Remember to visit our Clips Page to hear what we sound like Live.

If you don’t like to fill in forms like the one here please send me an email to . Please remember to give a brief description of your requirements.

For a more personal approach give me a call on 07802 861390. 

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