How to do a Grand March

How to do the “Grand March”

The Grand March is a great first dance for a wedding ceilidh. It gets the wedding guests and the bride and groom on the floor together right at the start of the night.  It’s very easy and everyone can join in. A traditional dance and a very popular first dance in the Northeast of Scotland and in the Northern Isles. The Grand March is widely requested. It’s a good started and sets the tone for the evening.

This is a great choice if you have sufficient numbers and a good size of dance floor.  We often ask the hotel staff or caterers to help us out on the floor to direct the traffic.   This is an easy dance for those who are put off by dancing in front of a crowd this could be the perfect choice for you. All ye have to do is walk where directed with your  partner by your side.  Plus, it can look great and set the tone for a lively night.

Here’s my ultra low budget Grand March Video…

How to do the Grand March.
The Grand March, led by Lonach Pipe Band pipers at the 2023 Lonach Ball.