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Iron Broo’s Burns Night 2018.

The band got together to celebrate our own wee Burns night. It was ‘smashing’.
Here’s some videos of an Address to the Haggis, some ceilidh Reels and Jigs and a Burns Song, Ye Jacobites By Name. Totally acoustic, no jiggery ‘polkary’ here…Organic as it gets. If you booke dus to play in your living room, this is how we’d sound.  Through our sound system we sound even bigger with additional sounds being available. 


Here is a set of 3 popular jigs.  Starting with the very popular Scottish Jig, ‘Donald Iain Rankine’, The Pet of the Pipers / Tenpenny Bit. 

These tunes are good for ceilidh dances in 6/8 jig time such as Strip the willow. Or just as stand alone session tunes.


A set of popular ceilidh tunes for reels.  Mrs. MacLeod / Father Kelley’s Reel / Da Tushker.

Scottish, Irish and a Shetland tune.  3 of our favourite iconic reels for ceilidhs and sessions sure to get anyone tapping and lowpin aboot!

Ye Jacobites By Name (Song)

Ye Jacobites By Name

A popular traditional Scottish folk song with words by Robert Burns.  This song goes back to the Jacobite risings in Scotland.  The original version of the song attacked the Jabobites from a contemporaneous Whig point of view. Burn re-wrote the lyrics around 1791 with a more human anti-war outlook which is the version most favoured today and by us!

Address to a Haggis and The Selkirk Grace

No Burns night is complete without these 2 poems.   The ‘Address to the Haggis’ and the ‘Selkirk Grace’. Not to be outdone we had to have this at our own private Burns party. As you can see in the video we had a ‘smashing’ time.  I think we’d gie the most stuck up cheil a guid run for is siller. 

Address to the Haggis – Selkirk Grace

Iron Broo’s Pizza Sessions.

It was the first of May 2017.  I had not long finished building the Pizza Oven. A dream on my bucket list. It’s an authentic Pompeii design built from bricks and mortar.  It cooks amazing food and not just pizza.  It was decided we’d have a wee party to celebrate the anniversary of the Liberation of Italy, a few days earlier and the completion of the oven works.  While the oven was getting up to temperature we decided to have a wee tune…


We are of course based in Aberdeen, Scotland.  It might look like we are in Italy but it was pretty cold when we filmed this. It was supposed to be spring but it was only 8c.  Luckily the oven put out enough heat to keep us warm and stop the fingers freezing up completely.

The Musicians in this video are:

Tom Roche – Banjo
Brendan O’Leary – Mandolin
Sandy Mathers – Fiddle
Charlie Abel – Accordion
Stan Coghill – Guitar
Fred Wilkinson – Bouzouki.

Waltz Medley
The Dark Island

A Waltz Medley. Kicking off with the Will Starr classic “The Jaqueline Waltz”.  Followed by the Donauwellen (Waves of the Danube), and Dark Eyes.   A very haunting eastern European flavour. 

I remember a music box at my Grandma’s house playing the Donauwellen melody. As a child i would listen to the haunting chimes of the box. To this day the melody still fascinates me. 

The Dark Island by Ian MacLauchlin. One of the most requested tunes an accordionist gets in Scotland.  It’s been well worth learning from the start. We’ve had lots of tips playing this tune over the years.  

Gay Gordon’s Set 
Fling Set

The Lover’s Waltz

This lovely waltz was written by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason.  We were asked to play it for a first dance for a wedding in 2016. It stuck with us. Here we played it just before a ceilidh during the sound check so it’s a wee bit rough in places but we hope it does the tune some justice.

The Lover’s Waltz

The Dark Island

The Dark Island – A nostalgic Scottish Waltz