During a trip to Italy in July 2020, I visited the Aquarium of Genoa (Acquario di Genova). I’ve been to Italy many times but it was my first time in Genoa and we met some family relations who have lived there most of their lives. All of them insisted we visit the aquarium. I found the jellyfish tanks were mesmerising. Luckily I took some video using my iPhone. The jellyfish inspired the music. The words came after.

Jellyfish (Song lyrics)

I’m Like a Jellyfish

            Silent in the deep

Down Below a sea of blue

            I can never sleep

Drifting through the night,

            And all through the day

Just how I feel

            I’m unable to say

I am your Jellyfish

            A floating by your side

I run with your current

            And ebb with your tide

No care on where I’m going to

            Or where I’m going to bide

Out of control

            Till I land on your shore


I cannot sting you,

            I want you for mine

I’ll sail through your arms,

            And haunt all your dreams

I’m like a jelly fish,

            Drifting in the deep

I’m like a Jellyfish,

            I’ll watch you while you sleep.

There are currently not any Jellyfish available.