The Saturday before Christmas is a great way for folk to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas holiday with family or friends at a traditional Scottish ceilidh. A bit of entertainment and merriment is great for health. Tickets available online. Limited availability.

The Hogmanay Ceilidh is one of the most significant events of the year for any ceilidh band or lovers of Scottish culture. This New year's eve we will be at Pittodrie House for another fantastic ceilidh. Pittodrie House is a fantastic venue for a ceilidh. It's not miles away from Aberdeen, and it has a cosy charm about the place with excellent staff.

Charlie, Duncan & Fred at the Doric Film Festival "Awa we Gaed tae Aikey" Our entry to the Doric Film Festival 2019 Directed and written by Duncan Harley. An Iron Broo film. Music performed by Charlie Abel & Fred Wilkinson. Narrated & edited by Charlie Abel. Doric supervisors Alison Abel (my ma fae Turra) [...] Live clip from the ceilidh - Thanks to Drew Brown of A would like to say a big thank you to the people who came to our ceilidh and supported us in raising funds for Diabetes UK and having fun at a ceilidh. It was a great night even though the turn out [...]

Nostalgic Scottish Music Leaving Loch Maddy, North Uist. Looking back towards the Dark Island It's a tune every Scottish accordion player learns and probably the most widely requested Scottish music tune I ever get. In my experience, it's also the highest earning tune in my repertoire back when we were busking or playing in bars. [...]

Iron Broo Christmas ceilidh Hi folks, we just released the ticket sales today for our 2019 Christmas Ceilidh party night that will be held at the Beach Ballroom again. Upstairs in the Star Ballroom. We have an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT on a limited number of tickets. Please take advantage of this offer while you can. [...]