We are looking forward to a great ceilidh on Saturday for our Christmas ceilidh at the Beach Ballroom which has now sold out. We have a full band ready for you. We have all been practicing and getting warmed up for this Christmas ceilidh all year.   We can't wait to absorb the atmosphere before taking [...]

I'm excited to announce a new album release today.  Available on CD from  CharlieAbel.scot or download on the usual platforms.iTunes, CdBaby, Amazon etc.     The album contains 16 tracks of Celtic music and songs. Some of my own original pieces. Please give it a listen and if you like it I hope you will buy [...]

It’s a hot day. Feels like it’s getting close to 40c…That’s because I am in the south of Italy. In the city known to Italians as the Venice of the South - Lecce. Unfortunately, there’s a shortage of water here though.  Ever since I arrived I can’t stop drinking.  Not any of the good stuff [...]

​Join us this Hogmanay in rural Aberdeenshire for a lovely evening of fine dining and Scottish entertainment washed down with an Iron Broo Ceilidh.Say goodbye to 2018 and hello to a bright 2019 with a great ceilidh from our own band and finish with our disco. We have played our ceilidh’s at the MacDonald Pittodrie House [...]

We were thinking recently… Over the years we have probably played at over 1500 gigs. Probably over a thousand of them weddings. Each time we play we get a little better at what we do. We never stop learning and improving. We get a real reward knowing that what we do makes a difference. Our ceilidh [...]