Iron Broo Ceilidh Duo are a great choice for a small venue or audience. They don’t sound like there is only 2 musicians as they play many different things.  It’s a big sound in a small ceilidh duo line-up.

The dances can be called, they sing and have a big repertoire of ceilidh dances and folk songs to break up the dancing.

Here’s a live ceilidh clip of a novelty ceilidh dance from a ceilidh in 2018 at the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen featuring the two piece ceilidh duo band, the Iron Broo Duo.


A live Gay Gordons. Here's a live ceilidh video clip we were given by a friend of ours who was at a wedding we played at in Nairn, on the 10th April 2015.  It was at the Newton Hotel.  It was a great night. The guests were excellent.Excuse the slight distortion on the audio.  The...