We’ve moved to a .scot address

We have now moved our website from a ‘.co.uk’ to a ‘.scot’  website address.
This has not been such an easy task and I have encountered a few problems in doing so. I have also noted that it is quite amazing that many web forms that I try to fill in still do not recognise the ‘.scot’ extension as a valid email address.  It’s a bit like trying to exchange a Scottish tenner in England or abroad….. Please use a valid email! its says in red. Or – NOT A VALID CURRENCY?  Automatically blood pressure starts rising in anticipated defence…

I am still working both email addresses and looking forward to hopefully getting less spam in the new email address. I am getting around 1000 emails a day and the junk filters are often flagging legitimate emails as spam.  I think the new .scot address will help with that for the near future at least.
If any one has any problem contacting me with email please call me.
I do my best to respond to emails ASAP – usually within hours unless it’s been lost in the sea of spam.