Ceilidh for Aberdeen CND

We had a great time at our ceilidh Friday 23rd of February, raising much needed funds for CND Aberdeen.   February is always a difficult time to inspire people to get out and we were a little disappointed we didn’t sell out this gig.  We would have liked to have seen some more support but understand that people have other priorities in these difficult times. Still we were extremely happy with the lovely people who did brave the cold and shared in a belief that a world without nuclear weapons is possible.  None of us are safe in a world where nuclear weapons exist and for future generations around the world this is a massive threat to our safety.
“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”   Chinese proverb.
I’ve always felt that you can’t beat the atmosphere of a good old-fashioned BYOB ceilidh in a hall. We had a great mix of people, families, friends, students and a good spread across the generation gaps. 
The Ceilidh raised £400 for Aberdeen CND.
Now we have braved the BEAST of THE EAST and Storm Emma, now the ‘Pest from the west’ is waiting in the wings. We had plenty snow here. It’s great time to be staying indoors and playing some new music.