Christmas Ceilidh Sold Out

We are looking forward to a great ceilidh on Saturday for our Christmas ceilidh at the Beach Ballroom which has now sold out.

We have a full band ready for you. We have all been practicing and getting warmed up for this Christmas ceilidh all year.   We can’t wait to absorb the atmosphere before taking a break for Christmas.

Whether you are with family or friends we insist you have a great night too.

We will be arriving at the ballroom around 6pm to set up. The doors will open to the Ticket holders at 7.30pm.  We intend to start the ceilidh dancing around 8pm and will take a break for the stovies and macaroni buffet at around 9.30pm.

We will finish the ceilidh about 11.30 pm and the bar will close around midnight.

I look forward to seeing you there or at another ceilidh in the near future.

If you don’t want to miss out on our future events keep checking this site for upcoming ceilidhs and ‘like’ our Facebook page to get notices on our news.


christmas ceilidh 2018

We have been running our Christmas ceilidh for some time now and it has sold out in advance for the last 3 years.  It would be great if we could get enough people interested so we could book a bigger venue. In order to do this we need people to show interest and buy tickets in advance.  If we can gather enough interest maybe we can book the Main Ballroom instead of the Star.  This would come at a big risk for us though as the cost for hiring is much higher and to get the same atmosphere we would need more than double the quantity of dancers.  Please let us know if you want to book tickets for next years ceilidh and we can make an arrangement in the next few weeks and tie down a date. If there is a response we might aim big and see if we can book the Main Ballroom. That would be a ceilidh dream off of the bucket list for us.  Though after having a disappointing response in interest to the summer ceilidhs we ran I am a little hesitant on getting burned again 🙂    We need you guys to help us and we can’t make things happen without risk plus it’s a massive help when people buy tickets in advance, online.   It saves a massive amount of work on our end, keeps costs down and eliminates a lot of the stress involved in organising an event. 

Let us  know by posting a message on our Facebook or sending me an email via the contact page

All the best,