I’m excited to let you know I’m about to release a new single, it’s called Jellyfish.  It will be available to download or stream from the usual networks in the few weeks as the digital gnomes are a bit behind due to Corona.  However, before the wider world hears it, I have given the YouTube Channel the first exclusive in full preview.  So anyone can listen to it from today onwards there. 

In July I visited the Acquario Di Genova. Italy’s largest aquarium.  It’s an awe-inspiring place with lots of sea creatures.  The Jellyfish I found to be quite mesmerising. 

Especially the way the aquarium used lighting in the tanks to show off their colourful jelly structures. 

I had taken some film footage using my mobile phone, and this is the footage I used to make the video.   The Jellyfish were the inspiration to make a film with an instrumental piece. I was thinking of something new age and then minor chord progressions came out.  Then after that, one morning, the lyrics appeared.   

I recorded and wrote the entire thing in my studio, and created the video too. You could say this track is ‘100% pure Charlie!’

But because I had some small funds from my generous Patrons, I was able to get the mastering done in California by a fancy mastering studio and pay for the digital distribution and publishing. 

If you watch right to the end, you’ll see that I have credited you guys for your support.  Thanks for your help, it means a lot to me to know that you are there.