Lockdown Music Video Production Experiments

Here is my latest video during the Lockdown.  It’s an old French tune called Réveil Musette.  It was a tune I learnt from my late accordion teacher Alastair Hunter.    I tried recording with a few different camera angles and worked in the two instruments so I’m playing them both, synced together in the video.  It took a bit of time to get it right but was a worthwhile experience. I used 2 cameras and there are four shots edited from different directions. I think if I could get a wider angle it might be possible to use an editing technique where both ‘human bodies’ can be in the shot at the same time.  The issue here was the space in my studio.  To get that effect I understand I need to be in a position where the bodies don’t overlap, so I’d need a wider angle.  Something I may consider for a later video.   

It’s also incredibly warm in my studio, I’m on the first floor and with the insulation, black slate roof and even a little sun it makes my little room in Scotland feel like a really hot place. It can be uncomfortably warm in here some days.  Like a balmy Parisian nightclub:-0