A review of “A Celtic Voice” from the Box and Fiddle Magazine. 29th March 2019

I was delighted when this new CD from Charlie arrived as it is some time since Charlie released a new recording. I’ve always enjoyed Charlie’s music and regularly watch his many recordings on YouTube. This new album has been well worth the wait as it contains a nice eclectic mix of material with some of the tunes and songs composed by Charlie himself. The album begins with a song written by Charlie entitled BAD TEMPERED WOMAN which sets the highly enjoyable, easy listening, jaunting tone of the recording. Charlie also showcases his superb accordion playing, especially on instrumentals such as The Dark Island, The March Hare, Ronnie Watts 9th Dan (published in B&F July 2016), Mormond Braes, Mormond Reel, My Turriff Grandma, Albert and Dorothy’s Tune, and Aberdonian Sunset which is a stunning piece of work lasting a whopping 13 minutes and 21 seconds. In addition to great accordion tunes, songs are also very much to the fore. Charlie sings a heartfelt version of Irish folk singer Johnny McEvoy’s song Long Before Your Time and puts his own indelible stamp on the great Scottish classic The Loch Tay Boat Song, as well as the Bittersweet waltz which has become a really popular song with Irish artists in recent times. I especially enjoyed the song Rosie Findlay (The Heather Wifie) which Charlie himself wrote about a mysterious lady who sold lucky white heather in Union Street in Aberdeen.
All the music on this album was arranged and produced by Charlie who also played accordion, keyboard and guitar as well as showing his vocal talents. The CD was recorded and mixed at Sunnyhill Studios in Aberdeen. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed this new offering from Charlie and I have listened to it numerous times. Do check it out and support Charlie, who is an enthusiastic musician and supporter of our kind of music.

Box and Fiddle Magazine

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