Glamis Lumo Stage

We enjoyed our performances at Glamis Castle.  The weather was atrocious especially on the Saturday. Thanks to those who persisted to listen to Iron Broo at the end of the evening to ceilidh in the torrential rain and darkness… We will never forget you!
I found it strange being on the stage with the light in my face which meant that when looking out to the audience we couldn’t see a thing in the darkness. Only the odd High-Viz jacket dancing around which gave me a wee chuckle.  
The Sunday weather was slightly better. It drizzled on and off most of the day. Although when we went on to perform at the end of the day the sun came out and even gave us a bit of colour.
Myself and all the other families enjoyed the Singing Kettle who were great. Children love them and I saw quite a lot of adults enjoying the fun, myself included. My son Marco was over the moon to get a chance to be on stage with them and play the maracas.  We have seen them several times at their shows and he had always wished to be picked to go on stage with them and so he was very very happy. Thanks Gary!
    The Kilted Chef – Craig Wilson’s cookery demonstration was excellent. He was joined by the lovely Andrea Brymer of STV.  I was standing watching when Marco went to the front just as Craig was making a Chocolate sauce. ‘Would you like to try some?” he asked Marco in front of everyone. “No” replied Marco.
He must have been the only person, everyone laughed.  He’s a fussy eater but then he is only 6. Craig demonstrated his recipes using Local ingredients which he gathered from the stalls of Local producers who were selling their fare at Glamis. So anyone could go and buy the ingredients there and then. I think it’s great to see local fresh produce being used in our cooking. For a long time Scotland has had a poor reputation for it’s culinary excellence. Things are changing now. Scotland produces some of the finest ingredients for the table you will find anywhere in the world. Our meat is second to none. Fantastic fresh fish. Any vegetables that like rain are far better in Scotland, tatties, carrots etc. I have always been annoyed to see supermarkets sell tatties and carrots that come from the other side of the continent when we have the best tasting right here on our doorstep. Apples and Strawberries are another example. 
I really enjoy cooking and hope to try some of Craig’s apricot chicken soon.  It’s important that people cook their own food. I despair when I look at what some folk buy in the Supermarket.