Germany, Berlin and Dresden.

Today I’m running around like a madman. Suffering from hay fever in this hot but grey sticky day and trying to pack. We’re all excited to be going to Germany tomorrow morning to play for Janet’s wedding. We’ll fly to Berlin and have a night there, then on Saturday we travel to Dresden to play at the wedding which we are very much looking forward to. We are to give the Germans a taste of Scottish Culture. I hope the recent flooding hasn’t caused too much damage. Fred’s Splashing White Sergeant might be our first dance. Maybe we can find a session in Berlin tomorrow night, anyone know of any? If not I’m sure we are in for a good time anyhow. Can’t wait for some good German food and a massive glass of German beer.  (I’ll be bringing my bib and a spare pair of trousers Tom) Think I’ll take a Kilt as well.