Hot day for a Ceilidh

It’s a hot day. Feels like it’s getting close to 40c…
That’s because I am in the south of Italy. In the city known to Italians as the Venice of the South – Lecce. Unfortunately, there’s a shortage of water here though.  Ever since I arrived I can’t stop drinking.  Not any of the good stuff though.   Today is day 259 of my Alcohol free challenge. One Year no beer.  That also means no Vino and no Limoncello or Aperol Spritz. 
To be honest I have surprised myself during this AF period.  Constantly improving and trying new things. Exposing my faults. Learning to use technology better as well. It’s so great to never have a hangover. I feel liberated.  I started meditating and my playing and Karate is getting better. For years there’s been a pressure, as a musician, to drink.  An expectation of sorts.  Part of the act as a Scottish accordionist. Playing in Bars a lot as well. I feel I am free from all that now.  I’m not sure if I will ever want to go back.  I enjoy the new found focus and clarity. I feel a happier person and those around me can see I am. I think I am getting better at everything I do and pushing forward with things I dreamed about in the past.  Taking more risks as well.
For example. Next month I have arranged a ceilidh at the Beach Ballroom, really taking a risk here with this one.  Done it from my lap top in the South of Italy.   I have often been asked over the years by people to do an afternoon ceilidh so that folks can join in with their families etc, so here we are. Afternoon ceilidh time.  I am trying to spread the word via Facebook, and through some public advertising sites.
If this is successful, if we can cover our costs and not lose money on it then we will try this again. We will need people to help though. Please spread the word and please come to the ceilidh and dance.  Aberdeen can be a difficult place to get people motivated to do anything a little different.  Our culture is in danger of becoming consumed in cheap thrills from an American UK fast food type culture. (some of you will agree with me) That’s fine if you enjoy those things (It’s said – even a person who has steak every day, will sometimes want a cheeseburger J) but it’s good to save a little room for something uniquely Scottish and fun to do with your family and friends. A ceilidh doesn’t have to be just for a wedding.  A ceilidh, is translated as a social gathering among families and friends.  This one we have planned at the beach will seem strange maybe. It’s at 2pm.   In daylight.   I am hoping that enough people will be available and able to enjoy the experience.  There will be some afternoon food served, sandwiches and cup-cakes so there’s something most people should like to eat. Afterwards you might want to go for dinner somewhere nearby or take in a movie at the Cinema.
Another thing, please buy the tickets in advance via Eventbrite. There’s an embedded link window on our own website under the Buy Tickets Page and also on our Facebook event page. It’s much easier at our end if the tickets are sold in advance. It saves us doing the door and keeps our costs down.  We also know where we stand financially and saves sleepless nights before the gig.;-)
I hope to see you there and if not please help spread the word.
 Sunday 19th August 2018. 2pm at the Beach Ballroom.