Hogmanay Ceilidh at Pittodrie House – Book Now

​Join us this Hogmanay in rural Aberdeenshire for a lovely evening of fine dining and Scottish entertainment washed down with an Iron Broo Ceilidh.
Say goodbye to 2018 and hello to a bright 2019 with a great ceilidh from our own band and finish with our disco.
We have played our ceilidh’s at the MacDonald Pittodrie House Hotel many times over the years. It’s a great venue for Scottish weddings and events and a popular choice for many couples getting married.  I once even featured as a special guest on a Garioch Blend Hogmanay video recoded at the hotel, away back in 1999!  I appeared as a solo accordionist. I can let readers into a little secret though, the video was actually filmed on a hot sunny afternoon in September!  If you look closely you’ll see, there’s hardly a dram on a table to be seen.  It was great fun to be a part of the filming and I made some great friends with the Garioch Blend and enjoyed playing gigs with them at ceilidhs, Scottish old-time dances and concert parties for a wee stint.  We travelled the North of England, Scotland and around Orkney in a transit mini bus.  I believe the Hogmanay video has been shown on television during a Hogmanay show, though I would have been at a gig though and missed it.
It’s funny to be doing a real-life Hogmanay gig at Pittodrie House nearly twenty years later.
I’ve always had a soft spot for this hotel and really look forward to playing for them this Hogmanay ceilidh Ball. 
hogmanay video cover Garioch Blend

Hogmanay Video Cover – (1999)

Still available from all good record shops

I remember also when I was a teenager I used to go Clay Pidgeon shooting at Pittodrie House with my father and his friends.  It had a good layout and was always very busy with people shooting. I can hear lots of upper class accents and green wellies and cigar smoke. It had a grand reputation and still does.  It has an amazingly long driveway up to the front of the hotel and I used to joke that “I don’t fancy taking the bins out!”.  It was quite intimidating for a young Aberdeen loonie with a broad doric accent.
Pittodrie House is set in the countryside among trees and farmland at the foot of Ben-Achie. It has an old Victorian Garden with large specialist trees, a lot of the old Victorian and Edwardian stately homes of the time had exotic trees planted back in their day. Like Monkey Puzzle and American Red Woods to name a few.  After travelling up the long tree-lined drive way you approach a clearing and the sandstone iconic northeast hotel’s front façade is revealed in all it’s splendour.  There is a really nice small bar inside. It has a really traditional Scottish feel to it and a good selection of Whiskies.  I am not really ever in that bar these days, but I remember it when I was younger.  All the shiny bottles of different sprits, illuminated by the back lighting. Calling to you…  The dark reddish leather velour that was on the bar stools and the brass edges at the old wooden bar. I remember it well.
 For setting up at a ceilidh or wedding we always enter round the back of the hotel at the tradesman’s entrance.  We load the gear in through the side fire exit.  Near the function room entrance at the rear of the hotel.  There’s also a small bar area off the function room with a nice fireplace and a curved bar. You could often find the band here waiting for the meal to finish prior to the ceilidh dancing.  I think we must have sunk quite a few pints and plates of stovies in this room over the years. Best not let our GP’s find out about this little secret…
If you want to book tickets for the Hogmanay ceilidh you should contact the Pittodrie House Hotel for one of their inclusive meal and ceilidh tickets.   They are offering also a room deal for the evening if you wish to stay over. You can’t book a ticket for the ceilidh only through us. All ticketing is done through the Hotel for this event. I will include their Hotel Brochure on our NEWS page for download. There’s also a link below to download a PDF of their festive brochure. 
Hope to see you at one of our ceilidhs soon!

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