Fred becomes a Burgess

Fred with Colin Taylor, Lord Dean of Guild.
Fred with Colin Taylor, Lord Dean of Guild.

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying Fred Wilkinson, my musical pal of many years, down to the Town House. Where he was then admitted into the Burgesses of Guild of the City and Royal Burgh of Aberdeen. The Burgesses of Aberdeen are one of the oldest civic institutions in Scotland dating back to before 1124.

Most of Aberdeen’s history stems from the actions of the early Burgesses who were charged with guarding the burgh with its laws and customs.

Fred’s musical career has touched many genres. However, he is perhaps most noted for his punk rock career which started in the early 80s with Toxik Ephex. Later he joined the band Iron Broo Ceilidh Band around 2003.

Fred, known locally as a musician, has made a considerable contribution to local music in different forms, raising funds for charities and good causes, and encouraging others to express themselves in the arts.

Fred has long been a great defender of Aberdeen as one of the founders of the ‘Aberdeen Voice‘, an online free news publication which gives local people a place to air their concerns and opinions through local citizen journalism.

City Council Chamber during the  ceremony.
City Council Chamber during the ceremony.

A-political by design, AV has to date published over 3700 articles representing a wide range of socio-political views.

Aberdeen Voice’s Facebook page has become a place where local people can get a chance to exchange views. Sometimes inviting comments directly with city councillors in a public forum, keeping the local debate alive.

I’ve known Fred for more than twenty years and I am very happy to see him recorded in our cities history as a Burgess for his efforts. Very well deserved and well done Fred.