The 1st Doric Film Festival

Weel, Weel!  

I hiv tae say that yer meely moo’ed Hollywood hisna got a look in when it comes tae the Doric Film Festival. It was grand affair indeed.

Hosted by Frieda Morrison, attended by VIPs and distinguished guests…

For your viewing pleasure… Here are the edits of the event held at the Belmont Cinema in Aberdeen on the 2nd of July 2019.

A celebration of our doric culture, music and song. Some great poems and scripts.

Part 1 (schools)

Part 2 ( Individuals & community groups )

Here is our shortlisted entry Directed by Duncan Harley. “Awa we gaed tae Aikey”

Awa we gaed tae Aikey.

You can also buy our Aikey Brae song online. It costs less than a fancy bag o’ tattie crisps. Ye can find a’ the popular download links here…