Lockdown Ceilidh Blues

Well folks, time is fair marching on, and we have the ceilidh lockdown blues. The lockdown is starting to drag now. We have not played a ceilidh gig since the 14th March. The fingers are itchy, and the band are getting restless. It may be some time before we are allowed loose on the ceilidh dancers and audience. I know many dancers feel the same way we do too. The only way we can get a tune together is online. We did have a small meet up for my birthday but with numbers restricted to five households. Now it’s only two households and a maximum of six people. No use for a session. Even as a ceilidh duo, how can you play the ceilidh lockdown blues without dancers?

Ceilidh Dancing
A ceilidh warm up pre Lockdown.

What have we been up to?

We in the band have done everything we could to stay safe and help the Lockdown pass quickly. Unfortunately, all our hard effort is in vain due to inadequate government and irresponsible behaviour. Now we face the prospects of an even harder future and no help forthcoming from the broad shoulders of the UK. Musicians appear to be among the last people allowed to work and are getting no adequate help to survive in the meantime. While it seems okay to open bars and large nightclubs, having a Scottish wedding with more than twenty people from 2 families is still a no-no. The mind boggles to understand why. It seems there is no justice or scientific basis for these rules to be so strict on Scottish weddings while people live it up on the streets of our cities, for example. The second wave seems well on the way.

Instead of dancing I find that Karate helps me get rid of my frustrations and clear my mind.

Keep Calm and ceilidh on

On the brighter side, we did experiment with some video and technology to distract from the negativity of the news.
I hope it sparks joy in your hearts amid the darkness of what has become of 2020.

The Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside, like you’ve never seen before.

The duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside

The Festival Waltz. A beautiful tune with accordion, mandolin and piano.

The Festival Waltz

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