Making some music

The “March o’ the Scottish Samurai” is a new tune I have written and dedicated to Ronnie Watt. Who is a famous Aberdonian karate master. He is a living legend in our city. I already wrote a tune for Ronnie in 2015 and that first one I called Ronnie Watt’s 9th Dan. During the last 3 months of Lockdown Ronnie has continued his karate classes for his students using Zoom online video conferencing software. He has offered this to his students for free to replace the regular classes that he has taught for 50 years. Since lockdown, 3 times a week many karate students take part in his 3-hour sessions, at no cost to themselves. Children and adults can train karate and have some communication outside of the confines of their own lockdown environment. Keeping active and engaged without having to worry about the cost. I think it is inspiring to see such a well respected and gifted person share his hard-earned knowledge and experience for free. Ronnie’s 50 years of karate training bring priceless experience to the students.

Scottish Samurai

Ronnie also founded the Scottish Samurai awards more than twenty years ago. The awards started small in Aberdeen and have grown into an international network of people from different walks of life. None of the awardees pays for their awards, Ronnie and his usual karate activities helps fund it, along with some generous donations from like-minded people. I wanted to write another tune for Ronnie to help highlight the good he does in Aberdeen and chose the title of the tune “March o’ the Scottish Samurai” because of his Scottish Samurai awards, and because to me, Ronnie is like a Samurai marching against the wind. Full of the warrior spirit, marching to protect his students and make them better people. Sharing an ancient way of life that the modern world has lost and is sorely missing.
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The Road to Wisdom

A new tune for Maria Rosaria, I’ve called it “The Road to Widom“. Maria Rosaria is my Italian mother in law who lives in Rome. It was her 70th Birthday and the tune just came to me while I was helping my wife make her a birthday video. She has many friends from all over the world who wanted to take part in the video. Maria Rosaria was born in Italy, studied in Italy, studied in Berkley California for a few years, moved back to Italy, Moved to Chile, during the dictatorship she moved back to Italy. She has written books on Latin-American history and is regarded as an authority on the subject, making many television appearances on political programmes. Maria Rosaria was also recognised by the Chilean Government with the title “Commendatore”. She is currently a professor in Rome.
The Road to Wisdom is a fitting title for a special lady. Though she claims she has not much wisdom at all, I think it’s it is the wise who constantly question themselves.

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