Latest creation and an experiment in video editing.

Everyone does get a little lonely during Lockdown surely.  Even when I am stuck at home with my family I do miss the company of like minded people. 

My old mac struggles to  process many video tasks, but i managed to torture it long enough to help me with this video editing technique.    I’m hoping i can scrape together enough to buy a new iMac to handle some better video techniques.  I’m using Final Cut Pro which only works with Mac.  It’s easy enough to use and I’m an apple man since 2006, though they are getting rather pricey these days…

You may notice I have cloned myself.   This will come in handy in future years, in case I need an organ. I will be able to harvest them from my clones. Or sell their organs on the dark web to buy an iMac.   I am surprised how big that piano player clone looks though. He has a menacing glint in his eye.  Is it the lockdown carbs taking their toll? Or is it just the wide-angle on the iPhone camera that gives the fish eye goldfish bowl look?  Yes, I think that’s it.   He does look about twice the size of the box player –  That’s me, that’s the healthy one who trains karate in the mornings every day just before meditating.    The one that wants to be beach fit by summer.  That’s a Tuesday afternoon in August if you live in Scotland. I eat lemons, garlic and oranges and an egg for breakfast on my own homemade sourdough bread.  And I’ve started wearing sandals. 

I might give this experiment another go with the Canon Camera. The iPhone is a little grainy and the audio is not great.  

I’ll record the tune in the studio for the next album, coming soon. 

The PDF sheet music is attached below and is available in the sheet music library on 

This video was filmed with an iPhone 11 Pro Max in 4K. 

All the best,