Music of Spey, and the Ready Brek effect

I’m in Italy today but managed to create a video here with the limited equipment Ii took with me. I drove all the way from Aberdeen to Lecce with the family. Over 2000 miles with a few stops along the way.   The new video technique I used in this video I refer to as the Ready Brek effect :-). If you’re of a certain age you may remember the UK Ready Brek adverts.  It was a favourite breakfast of mine at the time, but I am more an eggs man these days.  The photos I had in my iCloud library.  They are the Spey and the Linn Falls is the waterfall at the end, which runs into the Spey.  Photos were from my iPhone 7 last year on a camping trip at Speyside Gardens, Aberlour.   The music was written by the famous Scottish Violinist, James Scott Skinner, from Banchory.  Who died in 1927 and is buried in Aberdeen, at Allenvale Cemetry, just down the hill from my home. 

I’m away to the beach now in sunny Lecce.