There’s nothing like a great ceilidh band to make your Scottish Wedding complete. Nothing will get the company mixing, entertained and dancing together in a better atmosphere than a great ceilidh.  It breaks the generation barrier and breaks the ice between strangers.

A guide to choosing your music for your wedding Music is a significant feature of your big day. When it comes to choosing your music for your wedding, it isn't just the procession and first dance you need to think about. We've put together a handy guide to choosing your wedding music. Your wedding soundtrack [...]

​This lovely waltz was written by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason.  We were asked to play it for a first dance for a wedding in 2016. It stuck with us. Here we played it just before a ceilidh during the sound check so it's a wee bit rough in places but we hope it does [...]

Here is my attempt at an explanation of how to do the 'Grand March'. A very popular choice for a first dance at a Scottish wedding. Particularly popular in the Northeast of Scotland and the Northern Isles.  Most Aberdonians, Orcadians and Shetlanders will start the wedding ceilidh with this one.  It's great as it's very [...]

A live Gay Gordons. Here's a live ceilidh video clip we were given by a friend of ours who was at a wedding we played at in Nairn, on the 10th April 2015.  It was at the Newton Hotel.  It was a great night. The guests were excellent.Excuse the slight distortion on the audio.  The [...]