French Accordion Music for a Lockdown fantasy


Aye, we are still in lockdown, and the summer holidays are likely to be cancelled for all of us. But that doesn’t mean we canna dream.

Sit yourself down and get comfortable. Pour yer favourite tipple, close your eyes and pretend that you’re in Paris, or in the sunny south of France vineyard under a parasol, soaking in a golden evening. Enjoying your holidays. Not a care in the world.

Music for the afternoon drinks reception at a wedding

This is not strictly ceilidh music. But it’s great music on an accordion. Would be nice at an afternoon wedding reception. Gives things a bit of class does French accordion music. Goes well with fine food, coffee and vintage wines. It’s sophisticated and classy. It’s sexy but not in your face. It’s refined elegance from a humble country background. Organic and pure like the best Bordeaux wine. It’s red velvet on white lace. Ideal for your wedding drinks reception.

The tune is called Réveil Musette and was written by André Lavignac and André Cior. I have it in a book published in 1952 but it may be much older.

I think the translation of the tune title means Awakening Musette, or if you see Google translate it might be Alarm Clock Musette.

Musette or Bal-Musette is thought of as sub-genre of Gyspsy Jazz music. It was common in different forms in France from the 1880’s. Originally it was played on a type of bagpipe ( a Cabrette) known locally as a Musette. Italians began to travel to France and brought with them the newly invented accordions Italy was so famous for. The music was almost always instrumentals for dancing and typically waltzes, tango and jazz. In the 1930’s Swing music or Gypsy Jazz came from the mixture of the Musette background with musicians like Django Rhineheart, Gus Viseur and Emile Vacher and many more.

This music was famous throughout France until the 1950s. It was usually played by downtrodden musicians and was celebrated by the upper-classes. Bohemian things were very trendy among the elites when they were looking for excitement. The whore houses of Paris, like the ones of Buenos Aires did a lot for tango, musette, jazz music, and accordions. The best music sometimes comes out of the darkest places. A bit like ceilidh.

You can find the music for this tune on page 182 of this book. You can find the book online or in some specialist music stores. Great to have if you like to play the accordion.

3 Musette Recueil de 110 succés Book
3 Musette Recueil de 110 succés Book