Margaret’s Waltz

Margaret’s Waltz

First Dance idea or a waltz at Wedding

I had a special request to play this tune on my YouTube Channel by Kevin Dempsey. He is a regular at the Edinburgh Ceilidh Club and they have been dancing Rosa’s Waltz to this tune. He also suggests it is a great tune for the first dance at a wedding. I would have to say I agree with him. It’s a melody that suits a wedding as it’s neither happy nor sad, it’s just beautiful and deeply familiar. A lovely tune.

Margaret’s waltz, a wee history.

Margaret’s Waltz is a popular tune in Scotland among traditional musicians made famous here by Aly Bain. For a time it was known to be the most requested tune on Radio Scotland. I often get asked to play it at ceilidhs. The tune was composed in 1959 by Pat Shuldham Shaw (1917-1977). I believe Pat was at a party at Aly Bain’s house in Edinburgh, and Aly wanted to let him hear a new tune he had picked up because Pat came from New England and Aly thought the tune sounded like a “New England” tune. When Aly asked if Pat liked the tune he was taken aback by the reply from Pat, “Of course I do…I wrote it!” More history here

Iron Broo also recorded this tune back in 2007 during a live ceilidh at the Moray ceilidh club. The CD Album is available here along with other live audio clips and live video clips

Iron Broo play Margaret’s waltz live. It’s the third tune in this set. Skip to 4.08 to hear it .