Baltic Weather, Photos & Accordion Lessons.

This cold weather has really been starting to bother me lately. It seems never ending. I can’t wait until our trips abroad over the summer. If the Sun won’t come to Iron Broo then Iron Broo willl come to the Sun! I’m looking forward to Germany, Sicily and Italy later in the year. I was hoping for a chance to go to Canada too but that might have to wait until next year…we’ll see.
Here’s hoping Scotland gets a summer this year.
Fred and I are doing a photo shoot tomorrow morning for a publicity spot for a gig Iron Broo are playing at in May. I’ll tell you more about that one shortly. Just so I tell you the correct info.

Accordion Lessons

SCAT in Aberdeen will be running an accordion class starting next month. Subject to a to class size of at least 7 pupils attending. I am happy to tell you that I will once again be taking the class after an absence of over 11 years from teaching for SCAT and I am very much looking forward to it.  I think it will be held on a Wednesday night for 6 weeks starting 24th April. 7pm till 9pm with a break for refreshmentssshh…

The SCAT website, will have the info up there shortly or you can contact them for the details if you want to learn the piano accordion.