Ceilidh Music, we play and even sometimes write our own ceilidh music. A lot of it is available to download online, in mp3 or or to watch on video such as YouTube. We also have PDF sheet music of some the original compositions from Iron Broo.

The Garlogie Ceilidh with the Bothy Ballad King. The Garlogie Ceilidhs were on Sunday afternoons at the Garlogie Village Hall and were well attended by people from far and wide. The hall was full of tables and there was no space left for dancing. It was more an open mic ceilidh where local personalities got [...]

I have been told a few times recently that I'm not good at selling myself. The truth is it's because generally, I don't like people who are good at selling themselves. It's something ingrained in the northeast of Scotland psyche. Naebody likes a big heid. I've always been conscious of this. I really enjoy creating [...]

Charlie, Duncan & Fred at the Doric Film Festival "Awa we Gaed tae Aikey" https://youtu.be/No6dYzxNTt0 Our entry to the Doric Film Festival 2019 Directed and written by Duncan Harley. An Iron Broo film. Music performed by Charlie Abel & Fred Wilkinson. Narrated & edited by Charlie Abel. Doric supervisors Alison Abel (my ma fae Turra) [...]

The Left-Handed Fiddler is a well-known traditional Scottish tune written by James Scott Skinner, who is an iconic Scottish fiddle player from Banchory. (1843-1927) Skinner rose to fame during his time and left a vast legacy of music with his own compositions and collections that are still played widely to this day. Skinner gave himself [...]

I'm excited to announce a new album release today.  Available on CD from  CharlieAbel.scot or download on the usual platforms.iTunes, CdBaby, Amazon etc.   The album contains 16 tracks of Celtic music and songs. Some of my own original pieces. Please give it a listen and if you like it I hope you will buy the [...]