Ceilidh raised over 2K for Archie

Ace Fun Had by all.

Our fundraising ceilidh for the Archie Foundation on 18th of January 2014 went very well. We over-sold out the Star Ballroom and had to refuse to sell any more tickets in the end. Which was a shame as we had contemplated booking the bigger ballroom but we didn’t want to take the chance with the bigger expenses involved.  Had folk booked their tickets further in advance we could have done it.  Hopefully next year we will be a bit better organized and get a bigger venue.  We had 150 plus people in the Star, we were a 6 piece band which felt fantastic to play in. Our special guests Paul Anderson ( international Fiddle superstar form Tarland ) and Bob Knight ( Aberdeen award winning folk-songwriter ) did a fantastic job and added a great flavor to the evening.

The final total we raised after costs for the hall hire etc. was  over £2000.00. A great night was had by all and it was for a great cause helping create a better hospital in Aberdeen for sick children and their families. 
Did you know that the receptionists at the Aberdeen Children’s hospital are all volunteers? The NHS doesn’t pay for receptionists.
I didn’t know that. Archie have been doing a great job in making the Children’s Hospital more child friendly, changing the environment with decorations that distract and grab a child’s imagination. Replacing the cold clinical linoleum wipe clean image that hospitals conjure up, there are now paintings, colorful walls and ceilings.  They have created a play area with games, toys and video games to appeal to all ages of children. There is a small wing where parents can sleep overnight , like a hotel so they can be near their children at a difficult time without having to pay the ridiculous prices charged by Hotels in Aberdeen as a result of the lucrative Oil Industry. (Few hotels in Aberdeen will charge anything less than a Hundred pounds a night) Some children may be in hospital for many months or even years which can result in massive financial problems for families.  There is a non denominational chapel or prayer room where all faiths or no faiths can spend some quiet time or say their goodbyes. They have a Kitchen where relatives can cook simple meals. They would like to put in more cooking facilities like an oven and a hob but health and safety restrictions won’t allow it. Let’s hope that common sense will prevail in the end.
Archie Have a big revamp planned for the future. I know our £2000 is just a drop in the Ocean to what is required. Maybe our drop in the ocean will ripple, get a little larger and grow into something else. Maybe next year we can do something bigger….

Lots of people have asked already if we will do it again. Making it an annual event.
I think we will.  Watch this space….

ceilidh band iron broo

6 piece ceilidh band – Iron Broo


Fred in action Playing the jaws harp