Still at the top

Iron Broo are still going strong on FreeIndex.

 Our reviews have kept us at the top in their number 1 spot of over 550 UK bands for a few years now. It’s a testament to the hard work we put in. I enjoy every minute of it.  Scottish wedding entertainment has become our speciality. Even when you think you know what you are doing you learn something new.  Things develop and evolve.  I notice lots of band’s claim to be ‘the best in Scotland’ or ‘top ceilidh band’.  I don’t really care about that boastful stuff. It’s very false. We love what we do and people see it when we play. Our customers and fans (both of them) know we are a good band and our third party reviews say it all.

New high spec speakers.

We’ve just ordered a new front of house speaker set up. A very expensive modern design by JBL with a ‘3-way’ speaker cabinet.  This will bring our sound further into the high end of the sonic spectrum. It should help with the set up times and will look and sound really expensive!  I canna wait to try them out.
Thanks to Sandy Cheyne for this caricature he drew during a gig at the Blue Lamp.

Live Portrait – By Sandy Cheyne