New Tune – My Turriff Grandma

A new tune for my Grandma, Elizabeth Littlejohn, (Lizzie) who has been a great inspiration to me since I was very little.  

My Turriff Grandma makes a good tune for a ceilidh waltz.

I wrote this for my Grandma but she sadly passed away shortly after.  

Sheet music in PDF

You can download the sheet music for this tune, and others on our website.

The background story of this ceilidh waltz.

My Turriff Grandma
My Turriff Grandma

My Turriff Grandma is a good tune for a ceilidh waltz.
I wrote this for my Grandma. She passed away not long after I wrote it in 2018. Her name was Elizabeth Harper Littlejohn. Everyone called her Lizzie and everyone liked her, and she was universally loved. Although she was not long 90 past her 90th birthday, she was always young and always happy. Lizzie never aged inside. Still kind and very interested in what you were up to. Her company would make anyone feel comfortable and at peace. She had a laid back elegance that came from an invisible royal highland lineage. Lizzie’s company would banish worry in an instant and make you feel at peace. Her eyes sparkled, and she was graceful. I never heard her speak ill of anyone or anything. If grandma did think it, she would keep it to herself. She was composed and she was the Queen of our Royal Family.
She would encourage you and be proud of you.
She once told me, “Dinna ca me Grunnie. I’m nae sum al biddy. I am your Grandmother!”
Lizzie was dignified.
And incredibly creative. Writing poetry in Doric before it was cool, painting oil on canvas, knitting, sewing and playing the Organ. She knew her way around a Kitchen.
She was everything that a talented artist should be.

Grandma was always pleased to see you, and I was always delighted to see her.
I will miss her voice. The most beautiful melodic north-east accent I ever heard, and it was like music.
I loved to hear her speak.

She left a big hole in our family when she had to go. If we learnt anything from knowing her, it was how to behave as a human being; she had not had an easy life but managed to keep sparkling. Get stuck in there, sleeves up, knuckle down and keep smiling. She was a Grand Ma!
She made the world a happier place.

Available on CD or as a download.

I recorded this track on my album A Celtic Voice. Sometimes we play it as a ceilidh waltz at weddings. You can buy the CD from us or download online. The track-only costs 79p on iTunes. It’s nice to have if you want to learn to play along with the free sheet music.