The long Ceilidh road of Stovies and smiles.

We were thinking recently… Over the years we have probably played at over 1500 gigs. Probably over a thousand of them weddings. Each time we play we get a little better at what we do. We never stop learning and improving. We get a real reward knowing that what we do makes a difference. 
Our ceilidh music gets to make its mark at someone’s special event or their wedding. 
We’ve often been on stage with our instruments while a bride and groom cut their cake and I’ve wondered if that has meant we are on the mantlepiece in someone’s living room, perhaps in the background of their wedding photo for years to come. Their future grandchildren gazing at the old photo above the LCD fire and wondering what the strange people in the background were doing with real instruments. Alas, probably that will be the extent of our fame in ceilidh music. But I will die an optimist.
We have continued to improve all aspects of our performance and equipment. Despite the crisis and the threat of gravity and too much Stovies. 
We love what we do and after 20 years of playing and practicing we are still ramping up the gigs and exploring new frontiers with our music. We are ready for anything…
ceilidh food

Traditional Ceilidh fuel (stovies)