Christmas Ceilidh Tickets now available. 22nd December 2018

Christmas Ceilidh




​Wow. Sorry to be posting pictures of Santa already!  It’s only June and already we have booked our Christmas ceilidh at the Beach Ballroom. It was very successful last year so there was no hesitation in booking the same venue. We sold out pretty quickly last year and I hope this year will be the same.
The wonderful Stovies and Macaroni will be included in the ticket price as before.
We always enjoy playing at the iconic Beach Ballroom. I particularly like the Star Ballroom upstairs as it is a more intimate venue and enjoys great views up the beach and out to sea. It has a great atmosphere for a ceilidh.
The only downside from the band’s point of view is getting all the gear up the stairs as there’s not a lift and some of us are feeling the cold hand of time pull us back as we struggle up the narrow passage way with heavy equipment.  Yes, and it’s difficult to fit two of us in there at the same time. It’s a narrow staircase when you have a big speaker cabinet to carry. The nutritious Stovies at half time taste so good when you’ve broke a bit of sweat.
As usual we will be calling the dances and will start about 8pm taking a break for Stovies back of nine sometime.  I remember there was a lady last year was a bit upset, as she’d understood the Stovies were served first, as you would get a meal.  But this is not the tradition of a ceilidh. The Stovies are always a buffet item usually served at half time.  I think she thought it was a sit-down meal.   So, if you have family with you and you usually eat early in the evening as is the norm in Scotland, around 6pm I would still be having my supper as usual and looking at the Stovies or Macaroni as a supplement to keep your ceilidh energy levels as high as possible. The staff serve all the food at the same time during the break.  It’s not an ‘order’ item as in a restaurant.  Just so we are clear.  There is also a Bar available for refreshments.
Anyway, we look forward to seeing you and already ten people have booked tickets in the first few hours of going live. 
Let’s end 2018 on a high.         
Strip the Willow
Jingle Bells Ceilidh Dance
The Dashing White Sergeant