Ceilidh Tonight – Guinea Pigs Needed

Ceilidh Fundraiser Tonight in Aberdeen.

Tonight is the night for our ceilidh fundraiser for Diabetes.
It’s also one of the hottest days of the year forecast so far.
We are in Aberdeen, so I won’t hold my breath.
I hope we can get a decent turnout so we can raise some money for our efforts.
It’s a BYOB so it can be a great night even if you are not fit for the dancing.

ceilidh poster
ceilidh poster

Ceilidh Guinea Pigs needed

Tonight we will attempt a new dance called the Cornish Six Hand Reel. It’s a special request from Fred who has been kept awake at night by this dance. The voices in his head that won’t let him sleep have been whispering it over an over again for the last few weeks. He remembered it from an old Ossian album I think he said.

I’ll try and think of some nice tunes to go with it 😉

If you want to swat up on it here are the steps and a link to a YouTube Video from erlebnis-tanz.de

1-8 As a line of 6, take 8 steps down the hall, balance twice (4 kicks), and turn round 8
9-16 Take 8 steps back up the hall, balance twice 8
17-32 Turn the face your partner, Reel of six 16
33-36 Right hand turn your partner 4
37-40 Left hand turn your partner 4
41-44 Two hand turn your partner 4
45-48 Do-si-do your partner 4
49-56 All take your partner in a promenade hold and double cast left, with the top couple forming an arch 8
57-64 All under and swing 8

Hope to see you tonight at the Ceilidh. Doors open 7.30pm. Bring your own drinks and snacks. Tickets available here or on the door tonight.