Thanks Dancers

Live clip from the ceilidh – Thanks to Drew Brown of

A would like to say a big thank you to the people who came to our ceilidh and supported us in raising funds for Diabetes UK and having fun at a ceilidh. It was a great night even though the turn out was much smaller than we had hoped for. It’s such a pity we didn’t manage to get the message out effectively. We are considering another one soon to try and build some momentum and bring some more Scottish culture to our city. Something good. Something missing. Something we can make happen.

I’d also like to thank the band who gave up a rare Friday night off from playing at weddings to give their time to play for free. A time where they could have spent with their family instead of chasing rainbows with Iron Broo.

Group photo of all the people at the ceilidh

We also would like to thank our volunteer photographer, who came along to support the event. Drew Brown of who took many photos and video clips of the night that help capture the atmosphere of a traditional Ceilidh night. You can see Drew’s complete shots on his page:

Set dancing

A good band – good company – BYOB
A few more people could have made a big difference to our fundraising as well.
We perhaps need to rethink our advertising strategy.

After costs, we have raised £79, and I have an anonymous donation came in taking this to £100.
We have done much better in the past and hope we will do much better next time.
As the saying goes:

“It’s not how many times you get knocked down that count. It’s how many times you get back up.”

We are getting back up and hope to increase the fundraising and get folk back to some ceilidh culture.

Dancing the Cornish Six Hand Reel.