The Scent of Panic and the Smell of the Bog

Panic buying Bog Roll? Difficult times at the moment folks. We are doing our best to get through the uncertainty and chaos. I hope you are safe and pull through this as well, whoever you are and where ever you are.

Aside from the panic buying of bog roll phenomenon Iron Broo Ceilidh Band have had 10 weddings put on hold due to the Corona Virus, so far. What a mess. I really feel for the couples involved and understand their predicament. We are all working through this time in a way that helps us all move through it.

Stay safe and don’t panic.

There’s no shortage of negative news at the moment and today i thought i might try and lighten the mood a bit with a video. It’s a bit of a dig at all those selfish panic buyers out there, buying up toilet roll. WTF!

People must be planning on shi**ing themselves thin. Maybe they just looked at their stocks and shares balance.

A wee bit of a laugh during the epidemic of Bogroll (toilet paper) panic buying which appears to be sweeping the western world driving lots of people crazy. I don’t understand it and don’t want to. I came across this tune called “The Smell of the Bog” and liked the title so I learned it for this moment in time to commemorate the occasion. This tune is an Irish traditional one I understand. It would be a hornpipe though I like it a wee bit faster. And the Bog might refer to the toilet or the peat bog. The lovely accordion is a Saltarelle Clifden.

You can download the sheet music to The Smell of The Bog from this site

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On a serious note

I hope this virus passes quickly and we all survive. My thoughts are with those in the more vulnerable groups who will need help during this epidemic. Which is why all this panic buying is actually a bad thing and if people weren’t so selfish we’d all get along much better. If someone bought all the hand sanitiser in the supermarket and cleared the shelves of the soap and wipes, ask yourself this? What use is it to them if they are surrounded by people who have caught the virus because they were unable to clean their hands properly? To get through this we have to think as a collective and not individuals. All our actions have consequences that may be unseen and unrealised.

We are all vulnerable.

There’s mair than a roch wind blawin’ through the Great Glen of the World the day.

Once this state of affairs has passed we all hope that many countries will have used the time to reflect on how things have been done in the past. I think things won’t go back to the way things were. I hope there is a rebalancing of justice and equality and an end to the corrupt hierarchy that has been destroying our planet and all our chances of a peaceful and comfortable way of life for us all. I live in hope.

We all deserve to be able to wipe our own arses with bog roll 🙂